About us

In the heart of the Banat plain, about thirty kilometers from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin, lies a village of Centa, where, in now distant 1999, family Gavrilovic established a craft shop “VEGA “. Its main activity is production and packaging of powder and granular products, as well as production of many kinds and types of whole-wheat flour. During the last 15 years our products found their way to your homes. With recognizable quality of our products as well as constant development of new products, “VEGA” company manages to fully respond to the requirements of the market, satisfying the desires of its customers. We have increased our product portfolio from initial 25 articles to 65 which are in our offer today. We are particularly proud that we managed to preserve the tradition of producing whole-wheat flour in a mill with natural stone (like the watermill), while, at the same time, we offer the most modern powder mixture. Listening to your needs, we continue to expand our product range and our presence on the market. Our sales representatives visit and communicate with customers every day, and they are expanding and strengthening our sales network. Our production capacity and technological processes are fully compliant with HACCP standard.

In January of 2013 “VEGA” craft shop changed its legal form to “VEGA ADM LTD”. We maintained the same business and production activities, but we are more resolved to win new customers with our 15 years of experience, proven quality and affordable prices. We invite you to join us for mutual satisfaction.

                                                                             Thank you in advance…