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Whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour contains all parts of wheat grains, which gives it outstanding nutritional properties. With fragmented endosperm flour receives: the energy through starch and proteins, dietary fiber, essential amino acids and fats, as well as tocopherols known as E group vitamins. […]

Whole grain barley flour

Barley is one of the small cereals which was used mainly for the production of malt and beer and as animal feed. The latest findings show that barley is very important in the diet because of its high content of soluble […]

Whole grain oat flour

Oat has a special place among the cereals. Until recently, it served mainly as animal feed, especially in feeding horses. That place, oat holds thanks to its high nutritional value, which is: high protein content, in some cases over 15 […]

Whole grain rye flour

Rye is by its characteristics very close to wheat. Homeland of rye and most important production regions are Baltic countries and Russia, where rye is the main “bread” cereal. In the past rye was grown in large quantities, but […]

Whole grain buckwheat flour

Although the buckwheat is not cereal, it is considered a mill product because the way its processed is the same as the other cereals. Buckwheat is a plant which grows in hilly and mountainous areas, and only recently it started […]

Wheat germs

The germ is the embryo of a new life, and as such, it contains all the essential elements for development of new life, those elements are: essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, macromolecular carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, […]

Consumable wheat bran

Wheat bran are concentration of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, which is their main characteristic. Considering that wheat bran contain high number of germs, which is prone to rancidness, the main problem of using bran for consumer needs is its […]

Yellow corn flour 500g


White and yellow corn has the same origin and composition. They originate from Central America (Mexico), and were transferred to Europe after the discovery of America. Thanks to its yield, low production costs and the usage possibilities, corn rapidly expanded and become one […]

White corn flour 1 kg


White corn flour is made from white corn hybrids that are especially popular in some areas.

Corn is being processed in two different ways. The first is industrial processing where the main task is to remove the germs that cause spoilage. This […]

White rice flour 1kg

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