Oat has a special place among the cereals. Until recently, it served mainly as animal feed, especially in feeding horses. That place, oat holds thanks to its high nutritional value, which is: high protein content, in some cases over 15 %, and high fat content, up to 6 %. Oat proteins are characterized by high content of essential amino acids which other cereals are lacking. Fats in oat are also characterized by high content of essential fatty acids. Dietary fibers contained in oat are very important, primarily dietary fibers are contained in the mantle, or bran. Characteristic of dietary fibers is that one half of them are soluble and the other half is insoluble, which is an ideal relation. Soluble dietary fibers have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and insoluble have a positive effect on the digestive system. Both are present in whole grain oat flour in the same proportion as in the grains.

Thanks to its content, whole grain oat flour is considered perfect food in a period of convalescence, it regulates stool, and the levels of acid in the stomach, and so on.

Oat flour is easily digestible so it is used in large quantities as a food for children in the age when the infant begins to take solid food.

In addition to that, oat flour can be used as lining painkillers, to soften the skin, it moisturizes and generally has a positive effects.

“VEGA ADM” company produces, stores and processes the oats and holds the entire production chain in their hands, from the selection of seeds to the packaging of finished products.

Processing of oat in “VEGA ADM” company runs in five stages. The first stage is the separation of impurities and granulation, in this stage, small grains and “twins” – doubled grain are separated. The second stage is peeling or removing of chaff, the third stage is hydrothermal processing which “stabilizes” the grains. The fourth stage is grinding on a specially tuned millstone and the fifth stage is packaging.

Taking into consideration the opportunities offered by the oat as a crop, “VEGA ADM” works on the development of processing oat in a much larger number of products.

Whole grain oat flour is primarily intended for bakery products, for the production of special types of breads and pastry, also it can be used for the production of pulp.

Production of whole grain oat flour in “VEGA ADM” company is carried out by the manufacturer’s specification, and the quality and health safety are entrusted to the accredited institutions.

Commercial packages are:

  • 500 g intended for households
  • 4 kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25 kg intended for bakeries