The germ is the embryo of a new life, and as such, it contains all the essential elements for development of new life, those elements are: essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, macromolecular carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and every other supstnces necessary for the development of new life. As such, germs are perfect food product, in which all components are balanced. Emphasis is placed on the high content of tocopherol.

The biggest problem in using wheat germs is limited durability and perishability. With heat treatment and multilayer packaging “VEGA ADM” manages to preserve the sprouts for commercially reasonable period of several months.

Wheat germs can be consumed in its natural form mixed with yogurt or other dairy products, or if it’s slightly fried it can serve as an excellent substitute for nucleus fruit in cakes and other confectionery products.

Commercial packages are:

  • 200g intended for households
  • 5kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25kg intended for bakeries.