Wheat bran are concentration of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, which is their main characteristic. Considering that wheat bran contain high number of germs, which is prone to rancidness, the main problem of using bran for consumer needs is its stabilization. “VEGA ADM” company achieves this by using an appropriate heat treatment which immobilizes enzymes that destabilize the bean sprouts, in this sense, “VEGA ADM” is using a special device for drying below the critical humidity. Thus stabilized bran are packed in a multilayer packing and placed on the market. Consumable bran are used in different ways. Most commonly bran are intended for direct use by being added to yogurt and other dairy drinks.

It should be noted that wheat bran contain insoluble dietary fiber in amount of about 95%, which means that their main function is improving digestion. The content of insoluble dietary fiber in bran for human consumption is about 30%, which means that about 50g of bran is needed for daily human requirements. The preferred way of using consumer bran is through bakery and other products made from bran, in this way the bran can be more effective, those products are: bread and bran biscuits, pasta with bran and other products.

Commercial packages are:

  • 250 g intended for households
  • 5 kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25 kg intended for bakeries