White and yellow corn has the same origin and composition. They originate from Central America (Mexico), and were transferred to Europe after the discovery of America. Thanks to its yield, low production costs and the usage possibilities, corn rapidly expanded and become one of the leading crops in the world, behind wheat and rice. Today, several types of corn are grown, but ZUBAN has the far greatest importance. It is important that corn can be processed and used in different ways, as a result, markets today have hundreds of different products, from a simple grits to vitamin C and textiles.

The simplest way of processing corn is dry milling, which provides flour and other products such as brewer’s grits, corn meal, corn germ and other products.

“VEGA ADM” company produces whole grain corn flour from yellow corn which gives it a very pleasant taste and other organoleptic properties. Mostly it’s used to produce polenta and corn bread, which are some of the favorite food in this region.

“VEGA ADM” company processes the corn by special procedure which begins with selection of the right hybrids and ends with grinding on a specially tuned millstone and packaging in special bags. Special attention is given to preparation of the corn for grinding, which consists of extraction of impurities that affect the organoleptic properties and surface treatment which removes surface impurities. Corn flour prepared this way is much tastier, more nutritious and healthier.

Unlike white, yellow corn contains significant amounts of carotene, which gives the yellow color to flour, beside carotene some grains of Zuban also contain vitamin B12 , as well as chrome.

Production of yellow corn flour is carried out by the manufacturer’s specification, and the quality control is entrusted to accredited institutions.

Commercial packages are:

  • 500 g intended for households
  • 5 kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25 kg intended for bakeries