White corn flour is made from white corn hybrids that are especially popular in some areas.

Corn is being processed in two different ways. The first is industrial processing where the main task is to remove the germs that cause spoilage. This corn processing method is mainly used for the production of brewer’s yeast and other corn products with low fat content. Other way of processing is grinding corn into corn flour which composition includes all parts of the grain. These products are more nutritious and tasty, the downside is that they are, because of the high content of oils, unstable and quickly come to rancidness.

“VEGA ADM” company selected the second method of processing in order to obtain high-quality corn flour, which includes all parts of the grain. Because of that the white corn flour has increased content of proteins and fats and it has better taste. Durability is provided by hygiene in the production, quality packaging and the way of packaging.

Production of white corn flour in “VEGA ADM” is carried out in three stages. The first stage is extraction of impurities and everything except the healthy grain of corn. The second stage is the removal of surface impurities. Grains prepared in this way are milled to granulation that is most suitable for a specific purpose. Grinding is performed on a specially tuned millstone. White corn flour is packaged in special packaging which provides durability.

Surface treatment is particularly important because it significantly reduces mold, and its metabolites such as alpha toxin and others.

White corn flour is mainly used for the production of corn bread and polenta, favorite foods of these regions. With bean sprouts, which are also grinded, the flour receives specific taste and smell.

Production of white corn flour is carried out by the manufacturer’s specification, and the control of quality is entrusted to accredited institutions.

Commercial packages are:

  • 1 kg intended for households
  • 5 kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25 kg intended for bakeries