The largest part of “VEGA ADM LLC“  production line is based on wheat and wheat products intended for human consumption. Business philosophy of the company is to store and preserve harvested wheat and process it into high quality products which meet all international food and health standards. To ensure that, company takes appropriate measures – from the selection of seeds to the packaging of finished products, and that is possible because we control and hold the entire production chain in our own hands.

To ensure the quality of finished products the control of quality is entrusted to accredited laboratories. Raw materials from our own production are carefully selected and monitored throughout the whole production process.

Production is carried out according to manufacturer’s specification in a manner determined by appropriate regulations.

Special emphasis in production is given to the preparation of the raw materials with the motto:

To extract everything harmful, and to preserve everything useful.

In that sense, during the preparation of raw materials every admixture and damaged grains are extracted and removed, and the nucleus and healthy grains are preserved. Furthermore, we adopted a surface treatment method with a mission to remove all contaminants, as well as useless epithelial parts of the grains.

These operations are performed by a group of devices for surface treatment and separation of admixture. With further processing and treatment this procedure allows the production of:

Hygienic and healthy products.

Our next motto is to use all nutritional potential of the grains, which are: high content of minerals, almost all of the vitamins which are contained within the grains, and especially the high content of dietary fiber contained mainly in the peripheral parts of the grain, by doing this we follow global nutrition trends.

Our products have a strong place on our market, and in people’s diet. From a long range of our products, we highlight the following ones:

  1. Whole wheat flour
  2. Wheat bran
  3. Stabilized wheat germ
  4. Whole grain rye flour
  5. Whole grain barley flour
  6. Whole grain oat flour
  7. Whole grain buckwheat flour
  8. White corn flour
  9. Yellow corn flour         

Dr Milan Zezelj participated in the review of the production program, and he expressed very positive opinion based on insight of production line and product analysis done by the FINS.