Whole wheat flour contains all parts of wheat grains, which gives it outstanding nutritional properties. With fragmented endosperm flour receives: the energy through starch and proteins, dietary fiber, essential amino acids and fats, as well as tocopherols known as E group vitamins. Thanks to this composition, from a nutritional viewpoint whole wheat flour is considered one of the most complete foodstuffs, which are usually consumed as bread or other bakery product, in the form of pasta, extrudates and other consumable products. The advantage of whole wheat flour is that it is easily processed, and the possibility to produce a sensory (organoleptic) acceptable product.

The most common deficiency of whole wheat flour is the contamination of grains and the presence of impurities. „VEGA ADM“ company solves this problem with excellent preparation of wheat which includes: extracting all impurities and non-nutritional grains. Appropriate surface treatment with special devices, removes surface dirt and worthless parts of grain, such as whisker and dead cells of epithelium.

Milling on especially prepared millstone we get flour with desirable granulation and small amount of mechanically damaged grains, which is very important in bakery production.

Basic usage characteristics of whole wheat flour are: varietal origin, purity, granulated composition, water content (moisture), mineral content (ash), dietary fiber content (mainly cellulose and hemicellulose) as well as the absence of harmful microbes, particularly producers of toxic substances, mainly mycotoxins. Up to date control by accredited laboratories confirmed that all of the conditions are met.

Whole wheat flour produced in „VEGA ADM“ company is packed in a special multilayer packaging that allows longer storage time, even in the most unfavorable conditions in transport and storage.

Commercial packages are:

  • 1kg intended for households
  • 5kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 25kg intended for bakeries.