Barley is one of the small cereals which was used mainly for the production of malt and beer and as animal feed. The latest findings show that barley is very important in the diet because of its high content of soluble carbohydrate dietary fibers in the form of β-glucan, which are concentrated in the endosperm which makes barley flour very useful in the diet.

„VEGA ADM“ company produces whole grain barley flour from their own barley which is grown and stored under controlled conditions. The barley is processed in three stages. The first stage is separation of impurities, the second stage is peeling, and the third stage is grinding to a certain granulation and packaging.

Barley beside the high content of β-glucan, which is barleys main characteristic, it contains other materials suitable for diet. Particular emphasis is placed on the high content of phosphorus and calcium, which are balanced unlike in other cereals. Barley has a beneficial effect in prevention of cardiovascular and lung diseases. It has calming effect on the digestive system, urinary tract, and other. It is recommended for children and the elderly, convalescents and those who feel physical and mental exhaustion.

At the moment „VEGA ADM“ offers whole grain barley flour 4kg packaging intended for small bakery facilities and home production of special types of bread called bread of many types of cereals, whose integral part is barely.

Production of whole grain barley flour is carried out by the manufacturer’s specification, and it is regularly controlled by the institutions dealing with quality control and health safety.

Commercial packages are:

  • 500 g intended for households
  • 4 kg intended for households and small bakeries
  • 20 kg intended for bakeries